Team Cap Touts Superiority in New Captain America: Civil War Blu-ray Clip

Marvel Studios has released two more snippets from the “United We Stand, Divided We Fall: The Making of Captain America: Civil War” documentary that accompanies the home release of the third installment in the Captain America series.

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The first excerpt looks at the chemistry between the actors who make up Team Captain America. Chris Evans talks about the recruitment process that starts with Bucky, while his co-stars playfully explain why theirs is the better team.

Elizabeth Olsen, who plays the Scarlet Witch, chuckles and tells us that the she had all the “jokey people” on her team.

Jeremy Renner, aka Hawkeye, pokes fun at his own character while trash talking Paul Rudd’s Ant Man. “I thought I didn’t have any abilities,” he quips, “What’s Ant-Man gonna do?”

The second snippet is a little more serious, and shows Joe and Anthony Russo on the first day of shooting, as they direct the film’s first fight sequence between Evans’ Steve Rogers and Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes.

Fight choreographer James Young then talks about the fights being “big character moments," and explains, "we didn't want fighting just for the hell of fighting.” He also praises Evans and Stan for their diligence in preparing and executing the fights.

“Seb put in so much work in pre-prep to train these fights,” Young said in the doc. “Chris will pick up fights so quickly if its hand to hand combat, they’re so good, you use them.”

“That is a better way to shoot fights because you see more of the actor,” concludes Young, “You can shoot wider and you don’t have to hide anything when it’s your real actors doing this combat.”

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“Captain America: Winter Soldier” is available as a Digital HD download today, and will hit shelves as a DVD and BluRay home release on September 13.

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