Teacher mashes up Marvel heroes wIth 'Drive,' 'Kill Bill' and more

We've seen comic-book superheroes take the movie world by storm, but Italian art teacher Zach Roper has taken the trend one step further by creating some inspired mash-ups mixing Marvel heroes with recent cult hits.

"After seeing the recent Wolverine movie and being (once again) disappointed at another halfhearted adaptation, I got to thinking about which directors would be perfect for my favorite comic book characters," Roper tells ROBOT 6. "I've begun working on some sketches of how these characters might appear in each of the films, and here they are!"

Although not a comics professional, Roper has an interesting pedigree of being a digital arts and filmmaking teacher at an international school in Milan. A lifelong comics fan, he's been working recently leading an after-school activity with high school students to digitally illustrate their own graphic novels.

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