TCAF announces Spiegelman and Matsumoto as 2013 guests

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival will celebrate its 10th anniversary in style May 11-12 with a truly stellar lineup of guests. Let's get right to that, actually. Here's the list, straight from the TCAF site:

  • Art Spiegelman: Author of Maus, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Co-Founder RAW Magazine. Debuting:Co-Mix
  • Francoise Mouly: Art Editor of The New Yorker, Founder of Toon Books, Co-Founder RAW Magazine
  • Taiyo Matsumoto Author of Tekkon Kinkreet (adapted into film by Sony Pictures). First North American event. Debuting: Sunny Volume 1. (Japan)
  • Raina Telgemeier: New York Times Bestselling Author of the childrens’ and middle-grade graphic novels Smile and Drama
  • Blutch: Angouleme Grand Prix Winner. First North American event. Debuting: So Long, Silver Screen. (France)
  • Gengoroh Tagame: Acclaimed Japanese gay comics creator. First North American event. Debuting: The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame. (Japan)
  • Dash Shaw: Author of BodyWorld. Debuting: New School.
  • Maurice Vellekoop: Acclaimed illustrator and comics author. Artist of TCAF 10th Anniversary Poster.

TCAF gets bigger and more international every year, and this year it will have creators from 17 different countries; this list is only the first of several announcements. The two-day festival, which is held at the Toronto Reference Library and The Appel Salon, will include panels, a webcomics pavilion, a kids' area, workshops, readings, and other events in a variety of venues. Special events for this year include a 10-year retrospective exhibition to which all artists who have exhibited at TCAF since 2003 are invited to contribute and a whole program of Taiyo Matsumoto events, including a screening of the film Tekkon Kinkreet with director Michael Arias and screenwriter Anthony Weintraub in attendance.

I hear Toronto is beautiful in May ...

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