Taylor Spills Details on Marvel's New "Superior Iron Man" Title

Last night, Marvel announced its latest publishing initiative, dubbed Avengers NOW!, headlined by new series featuring a female Thor, the Sam Wilson-starring "All-New Captain America" and "Superior Iron Man."

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Today, via Mashable, we learn more about Tony Stark's new 'superiority' complex and get another look at his new armor. The series, which spins out of the events in the upcoming "Avengers & X-Men: AXIS" event, is written by Tom Taylor and illustrated by Yildray Cinar. The new series moves Stark's base of operations to San Francisco and updates his Extremis technology -- which the inventor has released to the world at large, a move which results in a confrontation with Daredevil, another recent San Francisco transplant.

"What you're seeing in 'Superior Iron Man' is a Tony Stark who's seen both his worst and best impulses all let loose," Taylor told Mashable. "It is Tony, but he's going to be in a zone now where he's never been. He's more ambitious, cunning, egotistical ... all of those quantities are unharnessed. He has a vision for the world. I like to think his position is defensible - controversial, but defensible."

Check back with CBR soon for more on "Superior Iron Man" and Marvel's Avengers NOW! initiative.

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