Taylor Lautner Runs For His Life in 'Tracers' Trailer

Lionsgate has released the first trailer for Tracers, a parkour-filled crime thriller starring Taylor Lautner.

Playing a bike messengers, the former Twilight heartthrob shares the screen with The 100 star Marie Avgeropoulos. The trailer finds their characters in what might be the first ever head-on-collision-meet-cute between a bike messenger and parkour enthusiast in film history.

With his bike messenger gig going nowhere and parkour master Nikki (Avgeropoulos) now in his life, Lautner decides to dive feet first into her world and learn how to run across rooftops. But once Lautner's character Cam gets in too deep, he learns that things aren't what they appear to be. His new parkour pals don't make money from doing sick jumps for tips in Central Park -- they earn a living as gun-toting criminals! With the truth exposed, Cam will do anything to get himself and Nikki out of harm's way.

Tracers hits theaters and on demand on March 20, 2015.

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