Tatum Says, "Gambit Lends Himself to a Different Style of Superhero Film"

Channing Tatum wants you to know that his planned "Gambit" film will have some wild cards up his sleeve to set the rakish mutant's adventures apart from every other superhero film.

While promoting his latest film "Magic Mike XXL," which he produced, co-wrote and stars in, Tatum told Comic Book Resources that even at the early stage of planning, he's found himself getting excited about his upcoming turn as the card-flinging Cajun X-Man, particularly the opportunities to make it stand out from other comic book-derived fare.

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"We're so early in it," Tatum told CBR of the film's developing story. "I really have some things in mind, but who knows -- it's pretty fluid at this point. I do believe that [director] Rupert [Wyatt] and I have the exact same vision of what we want to do. We want it to be different. I think Gambit is a really specific sort of character to not do some of these other things that some of the other superheroes kind of have to do. It's who they are. I think his character lends itself to doing something maybe slightly different."

And given the character's gifts with bio-kinetic energy, including superhuman speed and agility and the actor's own nimble dancing skills, will Tatum also be throwing in some "Magic Mike"-style choreography into the mix? "Who knows?" chuckled the actor. "You never know what time [period] it's going to be set in."

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