Tattooed Man: Fan gets inked every year at Comic-Con

Most fans who make the annual pilgrimage to Comic-Con International return with some creator signatures or sketches, a few exclusive releases and maybe a case of the con crud. However, Timmy Madere isn't most fans.

According to The Verge, the New Orleans resident got drunk during the 2009 convention, stumbled into a nearby tattoo parlor, and walked out with the Green Lantern emblem affixed in indelible ink to the middle finger of his right hand. Since then, he's returned to Comic-Con, and to Nothing Sacred Tattoo, each year to get another permanent memento of his trip.

This year he got two tattoos: a rendition of the Jerry Robinson-drawn Joker playing card, and the Superman Cyborg symbol, which join The Flash's lightning bolt, the Black Adam's lighting bolt, a Bizarro symbol, the black Superman emblem, and another Joker playing card. He's still shooting for an enormous Starro on his back."It's weird because comics were the things that inspired me, that helped shape me as a kid I guess, and I ended up getting a bunch of villain tattoos," Madere tells the website. "They have the coolest symbols! Everybody's got a Batman or a Superman. No one ever gets the alternative."

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