Tate Donovan Joins '24: Live Another Day'

Jack Bauer will have his hands full when the clock starts on 24: Live Another Day, for a variety of reasons — not the least of which being a new romantic rival.

Tate Donovan has joined the cast of the 24 event series, Deadline reports. He'll play White House Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau, "an astute and strong-willed political adviser" to James Heller (William Devane), now President of the United States. What's more, Boudreau is married to Audrey Raines, Heller's daughter and Bauer's former girlfriend. Who wants to take bets now that Boudreau is the mole? That's a gimme, right?

In related news, Kiefer Sutherland spoke with Vulture about the return of 24 and how it came to life. "It was a five-minute conversation to end the show — Howard [Gordon] was exhausted, and I wasn't doing it without him — and it was a five-minute conversation to bring it back," he said.

Sutherland added that he hopes the new version of 24 can return to the show's smaller roots, a la Season 1, despite the new season's larger-than-life terrorist threat and London setting.

"Just because we're starting out big this time, it doesn't mean that it can't descend into something really intimate and heavy," he said. "The desire, especially this time, is to get back to that very personal first season."

24: Live Another Day debuts May 5.

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