Robin Hood's Failure Could Be Great For Taron Egerton -- and the MCU

Sometimes critical failures like recent box office bomb Robin Hood can still offer glimpses of hidden greatness. In the case of Robin Hood, the diamond in the rough is, without a doubt, Taron Egerton. And while Otto Bathurst's unneeded retelling of the legendary fable doesn't give Egerton much to work with, he manages to still showcase the action movie prowess and leading man charm we've come to associate with the young actor. It's those brief glimpses in Robin Hood, coupled with his previous work, that reveals the ongoing potential of Egerton, and what that could hopefully mean for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Egerton has played a number of interesting roles over the years, including underdog ski jumper Eddie Edwards in Eddie the Eagle, and Elton John in the upcoming biopic Rocketman. His most well-known and loved role to date is as Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin in Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman franchise, based on the Mark Millar comic. Kingsman: The Secret Service offered our first look at the action-potential of Egerton, as we watched the character of Eggsy become a skilled super spy that definitely required extensive pre-production training.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle proved to be another great outing for Egerton's Eggsy, but also may have proven to be the character's downfall. Golden Circle masterfully built up the world around Eggsy and the rest of the Kingsman, which could definitely lead to more great stories in the franchise, but ones that don't necessarily need Eggsy anymore. This seems to be something Egerton realized after the sequel, as he recently revealed that he would not return as Eggsy for the upcoming Kingsman prequel

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Presumably, Robin Hood was Egerton's next option to lead an action-heavy franchise. However, despite the film's attempts to set up a narrative universe around Hood and his Merry Men, the box office will probably steer the franchise to a different fate. But that doesn't mean the film was a total wash when it comes to Egerton's continuing growth as a heroic film star. He further developed his action skill set, including archery and wire work, while continuing to excel at fight choreography. Following the natural evolution of his rising star, it seems clear what the next step for Taron Egerton is -- superhero. After all, as Alfred said in Batman Begins: "What is the point of all those push-ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?"

Egerton's years of training are leading to an inevitable superheroic role, and there is no better place for that to happen right now than the MCU. With Marvel Studios' wildly successful shared cinematic universe heading towards an unknown future after the upcoming Avengers 4, Egerton could easily step in to lead a new wave of MCU films alongside other, newer stars, like Brie Larson's Captain Marvel and fellow up-and-comer Tom Holland's Spider-Man. Spider-Man: Homecoming helped prove that a teen hero can lead a successful superhero franchise, and with a franchise full of stars who have spent many years in the MCU already, a new wave of young actors and heroes is the safest bet for Marvel Studios.

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