Tanks, guns and feisty young women: ComicsOne offers up 'Junk Force'

Official Press Release

(San Jose, CA - October 22, 2003) Northern California based comic publisher ComicsOne brings you a big blast of bishoujo action from Japan in January.

Tanks, guns, feisty young women who'd rather blow stuff up than get fully dressed... Welcome to Junk Force! It's 2100 and the earth is an ecological wasteland. The people of Earth put their trust in the reckless organization known as Z.P.T which promises to purify the Earth and turn it back into a living planet once again. The plan fails tragically, ending in a massacre of many of the Earth's inhabitants. Was this their plan all along?

In this post-apocalyptic world, Liza, Wooty, Mill and possibly the luckiest man alive, Louis, use their mechanical prowess to fend off waves of Z.P.T's superior mechanized forces with their salvaged monster tanks and junked together weapons. Along the way they find Mamet, an unbearably cute little girl, who just may end up being their greatest asset. Together, they attempt to survive and try to get to the bottom of the actions of the mysterious Z.P.T factions…in between trips to amusement parks, hot springs, and other diversions of course!

Junk Force has all the gritty tech elements that made titles like Dirty Pair and Dominion Tank Police classics, along with a generous dose of the wildly popular bishoujo (cute girls!) genre that has become a modern staple in the minds of anime and manga fans. Junk Force is primed to explode onto shelves in January 2004, just in time to start the year with a bang!

Leave the planet and don't look back!!!


Volume 1 of Junk Force is available in January 2004. The Black & White 200 page graphic novels will be priced at $9.95. More series information can be found at http://www.comicsone.com/junkForce/

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