Tank Girl Returns, Ashley Wood to Illustrate

Official Press Release

San Diego, CA (January 9, 2007)-Award-winning artist/designer Ashley Wood (Zombies Vs. Robots, D'Airain Aventure) has been nominated for an Eisner (among other awards and accolades), and has drawn everything from Popbots to Solid Snakes. And he's made quite a career for himself as an artist of exotic and erotic females, too. But there's one female character Ash has never handled before-Tank Girl. That's about to change.

Coming in May of 2007, Ash will pair with Tank Girl co-creator/writer Alan Martin on an all-new, four-part Tank Girl adventure, Tank Girl: The Gifting. While Ash will be handling the character for the first time, Scotland-based Alan Martin is returning to the character he originated with artist Jamie Hewlett (also of Gorillaz fame). The Gifting will feature a series of non-linear stories (as you'd expect in a proper Tank Girl adventure) with such titles as "The Dogsh*t in Barney's Handbag," "Kill Jumbo," and "The Innocent Die First."

Tank Girl first appeared in 1988, and was the subject of a 1995 film starring Lori Petty. But it's in comics where her adventures truly come to life. About this new venture with Ash, Alan Martin (who also has a Tank Girl novel in the works) says "We went to the comics graveyard and dug her up. She's smelling pretty bad, but we're gonna put her in a wheelbarrow and parade her around for all to see, anyway."

TANK GIRL: THE GIFTING is an all-new, four-part miniseries arriving in May 2007.


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