Tank Girl Getting a Reboot with Margot Robbie Attached

The post-apocalyptic comic book character Tank Girl appears to be headed for a cinematic reboot, with Birds of Prey star Margot Robbie attached.

According to Tank Girl co-creator Alan Martin, Robbie's production company -- LuckyChap Entertainment -- has moved to gain the character's film rights from MGM. As Martin tells it, the LuckyChap's new Tank Girl movie has already been development for some time. At this time, however, the company has yet to reach out to the original comic book creators.

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"Just heard that Margot Robbie's company have optioned rights from MGM to make a new Tank Girl movie - now several months into development," Martin wrote on Twitter. "We haven't been contacted by any of the parties involved with the project, so not sure if there will be any input from the original creators."

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While LuckyChap's involvement all but guarantees her a producer credit, it is currently unclear if Robbie will take a more hands-on approach with the Tank Girl reboot, or perhaps even star in it. Notably, LuckyChap has already had a hand in four films that star Robbie in a leading capacity (I, Tonya; Terminal; Dreamland; and Birds of Prey.) Still, for the time being, it appears we'll simply have to wait for casting information to be made available.

Created by writer Martin and artist Jamie Hewlett, Tank Girl debuted in 1988. Set in a post-apocalyptic Australia, the comic follows a girl who, well, drives and lives in a tank. The series has become well known for its punk influence, as well as for being rather unorthodox in its visual and narrative style.

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The comic's first (and at this time, only) film adaptation was directed by Rachel Talalay, who more recently, has directed episodes of such comic book shows as The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Riverdale, Iron Fist, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Doom Patrol.

Talalay's Tank Girl was released in 1995 and stared Lori Petty as the titular character. The film also starred the likes of Ice-T, Naomi Watts and Malcolm McDowell. However, Tank Girl bombed both critically and commercially upon its release 24 years ago, though has since managed to gain a cult following.

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