Tangled Web Of Crime

Los Angeles gossip websites Defamer and TMZ.com reported tonight on the highly illegal leakage of an unfinished trailer for "Spider-Man 3." The trailer, which can as of this writing be seen on Defamer and Google Video, features new footage and incomplete special effects shots from the hotly anticipated Sam Raimi film, including a finished, crystal clear shot of the film's version of Venom.  

The trailer was apparently rejected by Sony Pictures and thusly not finished, although its origins are betrayed by the Ant Farm watermark, which can be seen prominently throughout the video. An award winning trailer-cutting house, Ant Farm explained to TMZ.com that both they and Sony Pictures do not believe the leak came from their company. Indeed, after a trailer is created, copies travel through a complex network of industry offices, making it impossible to guarantee security with any real certainty. Unfortunately for Sony, even if the thief is caught and prosecuted, it's unlikely that in the age of viral video, they'll ever be able to fully reign in the illegal distribution of the unfinished trailer.

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