<i>Tangled</i> Is The New <i>Dragon</i>?

A surprisingly well-reviewed animated family movie that manages to grow in popularity after its first week of release...? It's not How To Train Your Dragon, but Disney's Tangled, which knocked Harry Potter from the top of the box office in its second week.

Although the new Disney movie fell 56% from its opening weekend, it still managed to take in $21.5 million in its second weekend, trumping Potter's $16.7 million haul. 55% of Tangled's take came from 3D screenings, which may underscore Warner's frustration at not having a finished Potter 3D print in time for release, but with multiple 3D movies jostling for screen space between now and Christmas, Tangled will soon be forced to vacate those theaters - But will that affect its long-term box office prospects?

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