Talon #3

Story by
Art by
Guillem March
Colors by
Tomeu Morey
Letters by
Dezi Sienty
Cover by
DC Comics

Counting the debut #0 issues, we're four issues into James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder and Guillem March's "Talon," and while it's enjoyable enough to keep my attention, it's also a book that has felt a little lacking. With "Talon" #3, though, I feel like part of that problem is on the verge of being solved thanks to the potential addition of a supporting cast and a stronger drive than just, "Take down the Owls."

I think the reason why "Talon" has felt a little aimless is in part because it's hard to get a handle on Calvin Rose, the lead character. With this issue, the reason for that has been a little more concrete; we rarely see Calvin interact with someone that he's not fighting. Aside from Sebastian -- who is usually at the other end of an earpiece rather than up close and personal -- we just don't get those conversations and actions that will help define Calvin by contrast to others. Hopefully that's about to change; the introduction of a new group of characters that Calvin is working with this issue and next could fix that problem quickly. It's not a large cast (and to be fair, they might all be gone after "Talon" #4), but it does illustrate the problem with Calvin existing more or less in a void. Even the "Azrael" series that predates "Talon" by a great deal (but which has some vague similarities) worked in part because the lead had a couple other characters that he regularly talked to and was accompanied by. I'd like to see that here, because I want to know more about Calvin. In doing so, I think "Talon" could feel a bit more focused.

The main plot for "Talon" #3 is starting to get a bit by-the-book, as Calvin hits another place connected to the Court of Owls and a Talon. It's a fun break-in story once that part kicks in, but it does make me wonder where "Talon" as a whole is going. These individual stories are good but we do eventually need this to build up to something. Again, I feel like a turning point could be very close, but once this story ends we could just as easily be back to target-of-the-month club. Short term, we're still all right, but long term we'll need something more from Tynion and Snyder.

March returns to art duties in "Talon" #3 and his art is solid. He and colorist Tomeu Morey do a good job with moments like the Brooklyn Bridge in a heavy storm; contrast it to the blue skies of the final page and you'll be reminded of how well the pair evoke mood in something as small and simple as the weather. Physiques are all a bit exaggerated but at least it's across the board, and the return of Casey manages to make the character look tough and with a strong presence without having to resort to any actual show of strength, which his nice.

"Talon" #3 is still a fun book, but I feel like we've needing a little bit more in this series as a whole. Is this the moment where that something extra arrives? I'm hoping so. For now it's still nice, but I want this book to be great, and for that we'll need a stronger core concept to move it forward.

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