TalesOfWonder.com repsonds to Barnes & Noble, offer "Ultimate Spider-Man" collection

Official Press Release

Recently it was announced that Barnes & Noble, Inc. will release a mammoth 992-page Ultimate Spider-Man hardcover collection, previously available as three separate volumes. The bookselling giant is exclusively offering this behemoth for a mere $39.96. Truly, a dark day for comic book retailers.

[Queue "Pomp and Circumstance"]

We here at TalesOfWonder.com have come to one conclusion: This aggression will not stand. We cannot stand idly by as Big Books squeezes out the great American institution of the comic book shop. What is our solution?

The Ultimate Spider-Man 3-Volume Hardcover Set, available for a limited time at TalesOfWonder.com for $39.95. That's three separate hardcover books, each printed on glossy stock paper in over-sized, but practical, dimensions. The artwork is clearly seen in all its glory, not manipulated to fit a freakish monstrosity, with pages stuffed into a cavernous spine that prevents true savoring of spectacular Marvel art. As Marvel continues to release each new volume of Ultimate Spider-Man separately, your bookshelf collection will dazzle with its sequentially numbered organization. And your health will remain intact while reading these fine stories, as the 3-Volume Set will not in any way inhibit blood flow to the chest or leg regions.

For those that already have ordered the unwieldy monster, your path may not be clear. We would never go so far as to suggest canceling your orders, but we do foresee an Ultimate Spider-Man doorstop in your future. We hope that you will join us in celebrating our shared comic book heritage and the adventures of Ultimate Spider-Man.

About TalesOfWonder.com:

TalesOfWonder.com is one of the largest direct market retailers of trade paperbacks, hardcover books and merchandise related to the comic book industry. Founded in 2000, TalesOfWonder.com has grown rapidly as a result of its focus on customer service, low prices and wide selection of product. In addition, TalesOfWonder.com recently purchased the intellectual property of the former Chaos! Comics. In March 2004, TalesOfWonder.com was named the first inductee into the Marvel VIP Retailers Club. To earn this achievement, TalesOfWonder.com purchased and sold more Marvel backlist titles than any other of the more than 3,000 direct market retail accounts.

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