TalesOfWonder.com Purchases Graphitti Designs' Inventory of Marvel Books

Atlanta, December 3. TalesOfWonder.com recently purchased the remaining stock of Limited Edition Marvel hardcover books from Graphitti Designs. Included in the purchase were Daredevil Visionaries Frank Miller Volumes #1-3, Daredevil Visionaries Kevin Smith Signed & Numbered Ltd Edition, Earth X Hardcover Package and Thor Visionaries Walt Simonson Signed & Numbered Ltd Edition. The suggested retail value of the inventory purchased is in excess of $200,000.

"The quality of Graphitti Designs' hardcover books are among the best in the industry," stated TalesOfWonder.com spokesman Andy Eaton. "We are privileged to have purchased these books for our inventory, and to offer them to our customers at reduced prices." Prior to the purchase of this inventory, TalesOfWonder.com was among the largest sellers of some of Graphitti's Marvel hardcover books. Customers interested in purchasing copies of the Graphitti Designs hardcover books can visit TalesOfWonder.com or use the following URLs:

TalesOfWonder.com is one of the largest direct market retailers of trade paperbacks, hardcover books and merchandise related to the comic book industry. Founded in 2000, TalesOfWonder.com has grown rapidly as a result of its focus on customer service, low prices and wide selection of product. In addition, TalesOfWonder.com recently purchased the intellectual property of the former Chaos! Comics.

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