"Tales of the Inner Sanctum" launches out of Steve Niles Forums

Official Press Release

There exists a place in the universe that inexplicablydraws talent from all corners of the globe. A placevisited by the likes of Ashley Wood, Ben Templesmith,Kieron Dwyer, Breehn Burns, Nat Jones, Liam Sharp andmany more. The place isn't a store, or a bar; youcan't drive to it or find it on a map. It's a website…a message board… all surrounding one person; a mancalled "The Master of Modern Horror Comics", SteveNiles.

But this isn't about Niles, but rather about themessage board itself and the talent that visits. Notall of the creators are household names, at least notyet, but all of them deserve to be seen. Over thirtymembers of the message board have banded together tocreate something very special. They have put the time,effort and money into creating Tales from the InnerSanctum, a horror anthology created for the simplepurpose of letting these creators tell their storiesof chilling terror.

With over 90 pages of story, a cover by Steve Perkins(CSI: Dominos) and an introduction by Steve Nileshimself, Tales from the Inner Sanctum is an amazingvalue at only $6.85. The book goes on sale July 2004and is available through the Tales from the InnerSanctum preview site www.matlocktheartist.com/innersanctumanthology as wellas through various creators' sites.

The list of international participants in the bookare: Steven Perkins, Paul Tucker, Jared Bivens, ChuckBB, Ben Mears, Mark Matlock, Jason Arthur, MichaelMay, Josh Medors, Jason Hanley, Ilkka Lesonen, Uraku,Art Grafunkel, Adam Yeater, Brian Anderson, JessicaHickman, Aaron Weisbrod, Josh Ross, Jim Reddington,John Belkewitch, Oliver Casteneda, Eugene Perez, ToniCaputo, Jim Keplinger, Denis Kroesen, TimArney-O'Neil, Owen, Nick Defina, Luca Picciani,Domenic Defina, Eric Darrah and Gavin Spence.

For more information on Tales of the Inner Sanctum,check out the preview sitewww.matlocktheartist.com/innersanctumanthology orvisit the actual Inner Sanctum at www.steveniles.com.

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