Tales of Suspense to Explore Black Widow’s Fate After Secret Empire

Readers may have witnessed Black Widow perish at the hands of the evil Captain America in the pages of Secret Empire, but a new Marvel Legacy series will send two of her closest allies on a quest to discover if she's actually dead or not.

Announced via ABC News' "Inside Marvel Thursday," Tales of Suspense, from writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Travel Foreman, follows the Winter Soldier and Hawkeye as they investigate a string of assassinations that appear on the surface to be committed by Black Widow.

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"She died on national TV, so who’s out killing the people she wanted killed?" Marvel Editor Alanna Smith said. "Bucky doesn’t think that it’s her. Hawkeye definitely believes it's her."

In the epilogue of Secret Empire #10, a panel depicted a funeral for the fallen Avenger, and Secret Empire: Omega #1 introduced the idea that someone was taking an interest in Black Widow's targets. With Winter Soldier and Hawkeye both being former love interests of Black Widow, it remains to be seen whether the two can coexist as they work together to solve the mystery.

Tales of Suspense will launch with issue 100, as it takes place in the Marvel Legacy initiative that begins this month with Marvel Legacy #1.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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