DC's Biggest A-Hole Is a White Lantern - and It's a Fate Worse Than Death

The following contains spoilers for Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Blackest Night by Tim Seeley, Kyle Hotz, David Baron & Allen Passalaqua, in stores now.

The White Lantern is meant to represent life at its purest, as it possesses the power to fight through death itself. But just because it's connected to all life doesn't mean it should be used by all life. There are some people out there who probably shouldn't be the template for the future of the DC Universe, but it turns out at least one such world exists within the dark multiverse.

In Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Blackest Night, it's revealed what would happen if Lobo was connected with the White Lantern energy -- and how it would change the entire universe for the worse.

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Initially, the plan is for the small group of survivors (Mister Miracle, Dove, Lobo and Sinestro) to fuse Dove's powers with that of the energies beyond the Source Wall. Doing so will unleash a wave of purifying light, a creation wave, across the universe. This will consume her body completely but will also destroy any and all of the Black Lanterns (preventing them from being restored in any meaningful way) and give the universe the chance to develop new forms of life.

However, before Dove can make that sacrifice, she's murdered by Mister Miracle, who is attempting to save some semblance of his wife Barda. After killing Miracle for this transgression, Lobo is the only fully living being remaining in the universe. Desperate, Sinestro fused the energy from the White Lantern ring with Lobo, tying him to the energies beyond the Source Wall. As the creation wave is created and spread across the galaxy, Lobo, Nekron and all the Black Lanterns are destroyed. The only real survivor of the DC Universe as it was is Sinestro, left to watch the universe he made grow into something terrifying.

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The problem is, using Lobo as the template for all of existence isn't the best idea in the world. Czarnian blood carries a strong regenerative side, which is what always allowed Lobo to walk off his countless wounds over the years. Those attributes were spread by the creation wave, granting them to new lifeforms. But evolution on every world was changed as a result, as every organism was derived directly from Lobo. This extended beyond just his healing factor to his natural hatred and nihilistic view of the universe as well.

Within months, beings around the cosmos have evolved into new races that bear strong similarities to the Cazrnians. They heal, they hate, they kill. They go to war with the last remnants of the universe that came before, quickly wiping them all out. The universe falls into endless war -- the armies of Lobo's descendants fighting forever, like Lobo once had, to wipe out the competition of others in their species. Sinestro is left half-alive, trapped between life and death as the Limbo Lantern, to watch over his creations .

It's fitting that Sinestro, a man long defined by his belief that fear is the most powerful motivating emotion, is now fully terrified of a universe made, in his own words, "in his image." But it's clear that even if it saved some semblance of life in the universe and kept Nekron from spreading his influence across other worlds in the Dark Multiverse, any world where Lobo becomes the common ancestor is doomed to a dark future. It's also proof that, while there aren't many things that can kill Lobo, the pure power of the White Lanterns is powerful enough to do it.

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