"Tales from the Crypt" Presents "A Murderin' Idol"

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One of the stories in TALES FROM THE CRYPT #2 Can You Fear Me Now? from graphic novel publisher Papercutz may explain why a certain judge is no longer on the TV series that catapulted him to fame and fortune in America. Writer Mort Todd and artist Steve Mannion tell the story of Jaysan, a ratty young man with no talent, no money, and no future. All he has is a dream: to be the next winner of TV's super-popular reality talent competition. But when his audition is slammed mercilessly by the cold-hearted judge, Slymon Bowell, Jayson turns to other somewhat questionable means to win the contest, and in doing so, discovers the sinister secret of Slymon's success and becomes "A Murderin' Idol"!

TALES FROM THE CRYPT #2 "Can You Fear Me Now?" also depicts in full-color, gory detail the final fate of a terrorist car-bomber in "The Garden," by writer Fred Van Lente and artist Mr. Exes; predicts the frightening next advancement beyond the iPhone (and why drug dealers love it) in "Can You Fear Me Now?" by writer Don McGregor and artist James Romberger; and what happens to a crazed comicbook collector who wants a priceless back issue way too much in "Slabbed," by writer Stefan Petrucha and artist Don Hudson.

TALES FROM THE CRYPT from Papercutz is an all-new graphic novel series based on the infamous 1950s horror comicbook from EC Comics, featuring the cartoon horror-hosts the Crypt-Keeper, the Old Witch, and the Vault-Keeper, collectively known as the GhouLunatics.

TALES FROM THE CRYPT #2 Can You Fear Me Now? is $7.95 in paperback and $12.95 in hardcover from booksellers everywhere.

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