Talent Agency Sues Fictional Agent For Making Them Look Bad

Apparently, there is a limit to how corrupt and slimy Hollywood agents are allowed to be. United Talent Agency has filed a lawsuit against a man pretending to work for them as a ruse to pick up women.

The man, who calls himself Trenton Brungard, has apparently (in the words of the lawsuit) ""represented himself to be an employee and agent of UTA in order to solicit women, and specifically aspiring models and actresses, to send him illicit photos of themselves," and UTA have had enough. Only problem is, they don't actually know who Brungard is, and hope that the lawsuit will allow them to find out. This story is so weird - not helped by Brungard's name - that I can't help but feel as if it's the start for some weird movie marketing campaign or something, but just in case: Ladies. Don't send photos of yourself to anyone called Trenton. It's just a good rule for life.

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