Talent #1 Review

I think I'm going to go away from the standard style of review and tell you the pros and cons of Talent #1 in list form.

Pro: Paul Azaceta on art, who I really enjoyed on Grounded.

Con: Paul Azaceta's art wasn't as good here as it was on Grounded.

Pro: Still, Azaceta'a art was pretty good.

Pro: The way writers Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski portrayed a realistic reaction to how people would treat someone surviving a plane crash and being under water for half a day without dying in the crash or drowning afterwards.

Con: They didn't spend as much time as they could have on the "realism" plot before leaping into the far-fetched stuff.

Pro: The protagonist, Christian Kane, has an interesting power set, as he has the memories and "talents" (title, natch) of the other people on the doomed plane.

Con: The writers could have done a better job introducing these powers.

Pro: The whole "on the run from a shadow conspiracy" plot. I like that one.

Con: This shadow conspiracy seems incredibly lame.

Con: Bringing religious organizations into the shadow conspiracy seems to be adding a whole level of business to a storyline that's already pretty busy. It seemed like too much.

Pro: The spooky hints Christian gets from unlikely sources, like a voice speaking through a stewardess or a television.

Pro: Christian going to his ex-wife and her new husband for help. Great scene, good characterizations.

Overall, I would land on the pro side, but I think the cons are large enough (the shadow conspiracy part of the book is just awfully lame, not very inspired at all - it makes the Prison Break conpiracy seem interesting) that I am going to hold off on recommending this first issue. But there is a lot to like here, and I can easily see myself recommending future issues of this title.

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