Taking at look at "Elektra: The Hand" #1

Next month sees the release of "Elektra: The Hand," a new five-issue series written by Akira Yoshida, pencilled by Christian Gossett with covers by Bill Sienkiewicz. For Gossett, this is his first work for publisher Marvel Comics. Marvel has provided CBR News with a six page preview from the first issue. Click the images below to enlarge.


Written by Akira Yoshida


Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

The Hand - few names have ever instilled such terror in the very soul of the Marvel Universe! Elektra witnesses a mystic ceremony that leads her to the never-before-revealed origin of The Hand, the world's most deadly assassins! In feudal Japan, a single murder fuels one young samurai's struggle for dominance - a struggle that will lead to the inception of this immortal ninja clan. And when a foreign merchant sends his beautiful daughter to learn the ways of the warrior, a cycle is set in motion that will change the Marvel Universe... forever.

32 PGS./MARVEL PSR+…$2.99

Issue #1 UPC: 5960605619-00111; Issue #2 UPC: 5960605619-00112

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