Taking A Look at the Heroes of "Freedom Force"

You've probably heard of "Freedom Force," the PC/Mac multi-player video game that puts you in control of one of a number of different heroes. The comics inspired game is created by Irrational Games and there's a new adventure coming soon in the form of "Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich."

But that's not all. Coming this January from Image Comics the heroes of the game come to comics in a new six-issue monthly series appropriately titled "Freedom Force." The full color series is written by Eric Dieter with art and cover by Tom Scioli. Image has provided CBR News with a five-page sneak peak at the series. Click the images below to enlarge.


on sale 01.19


six-issue monthly miniseries

full color

32 pages

written by ERIC DIETER

art & cover by TOM SCIOLI


An alien despot targets Earth for conquest, concocting a sinister scheme to empower the dregs of humanity with a transformative catalyst that they may sow chaos and fear. Overhearing the warlord's insidious plans, a noble alien rebel escapes with the catalyst, hoping to imbue worthy men and women with powers that might allow them to turn back the tide of invasion. Based on the best-selling computer game!


"Founding Fathers"

Arriving on Earth in the year 1962, the mysterious Mentor enlists the aid of the patriotic Minuteman, the fiery El Diablo and the melancholy Man-Bot to hunt down the soviet super-spy, Nuclear Winter. But can even the combined might of these four brave heroes stop the frigid felon before he unleashes the power of the atom on an unsuspecting Patriot City?

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