Taking A Look At The "Elk's Run" Trailer

Last December we brought you news of a new title from Hoarse & Buggy Productions called "Elk's Run." Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov with art by Noel Tuazon and colors by Scott Keating, "Elk's Run" is the story of a small town with a very big secret.

"The book is about a small town in West Virginia, connected to the outside world through a small tunnel, and very little else," Fialkov told CBR News in December. "The people have this sort of mundane, sleep existence, until an accident kills a townsperson, and the town seeks vengeance on the person who committed the accidental manslaughter. The thing is, there's something else going on with these people, and through the course of the first and second issues, you find out what. The other thing about the book is that each issue is told from the POV of a different character, so, while the story is still linear, you get new insight in each issue into what has come before, and why. What happens in one issue to one character, has a totally different set of ramifications for each of the other characters in the book."

"Elk's Run" will debut at WizardWorld Los Angeles in March and ship to comic shops later that month. In the mean time, we're proud to present the following "Elk's Run" trailer to help build anticipation.

22 Meg ZIP Files, Quicktime Format Video

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