Taking a look at "Marvel Team-Up" #1 & #2

This November sees the return of "Marvel Team-Up" to the Marvel Universe, bringing together some of Marvel's greatest characters, the first issue seeing the pairing of Spider-Man and Wolverine once again. With the first issue of the book coming out in three weeks, and the second issue coming just two weeks after that, we thought it was time to give you a preview of what's to come.

Marvel has provided CBR News with a first look at some of the art from these first two issues, plus a first look at the cover to issue #4. "Marvel Team-Up" is written by Robert Kirkman with art by Scott Kolins and colored by Studio F's Edgar Delgado.

The interior pages from below are part of the "Golden Child" storyline which runs in the first two issues of the series. Of these issues, Marvel says, "When Cerebro detects Paul Patterson, a student attending Peter Parker's school who has developed mutant powers -- it sets Wolverine and Spider-Man on the same path. But with competing agendas, will they work together? Will they be at odds? Hard to say... but the title doesn't say 'Super Friends,' gang!"

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