Taking A Look at "Low Orbit" from Image

This November sees the release of "Low Orbit" from Image Comics.   This 64-page full-color anthology features work of a variety of up-and-comers in the world of comics, including Nick Bradshaw ("Danger Girl: Back in Black"),   Sean 'Cheeks' Galloway ("Hellboy Animated"), Ryan Odagawa, Jonboy Meyers ("Spider-Man/Arana"), Mark Andrew Smith ("Amazing Joy Buzzards") and many more.

"'Low Orbit' began as a simple project among friends," explained Michael Woods, who edited and also contributes to the anthology. "A modest book to sell for various conventions where we could have fun and each do our own thing. It has since grown into something much more ambitious."

"Low Orbit" features seven different stories, ranging from science fiction to fantasy and mythology. "With this book, you get a little action, a little suspense, even a bit of comedy," said Woods. "There is a little something for everyone!"

Look for "Low Orbit," Volume One in the September previews, then in your stores on November 15 th .

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