Taking a look at 'Deadpool #65'

Next month sees the debut of an all new creative team on the Marvel Comics title "Deadpool." Issue #65, in stores March 27th, finds former CBR contributor Gail Simone at the type writer with those friendly chaps at Udon Comics toiling away behind the drafting table.

Since it was announced Gail would be taking over "Deadpool" you've read a lot on CBR and elsewhere about her plans for the title. With the book finally coming out in just about a month we figured it was time to remind CBR's readers about the book and caught up with Udon Comics chief Eric Ko to see how things are going on the artistic end and who also gave us an extra sneak peak at this this their first issue.

First things first, in an interview back in December Simone described the story for us.

"In the first big story, Deadpool, being who he is, mightily offends a man known as the Black Swan, whofeels that assassination is a gentleman's profession, and resents Deadpool's mockery of this fine art," Simone told CBR News. "I don't want to say much more, but from half a world away, he gets a gentleman's revenge. He only has one superpower, but it's a messy, ugly one, and he uses it on Deadpool."

Well, now that we know where the story is headed, it's time to learn a bit more about the art team. As we stated earlier, "Deadpool #65" marks the debut of an all new artistic team courtesy the studio of Udon Comics, a collective of comic artists working as a team with chief of operations Eric Ko keeping everyone on deadline. Udon's Alvin Lee is handling the bulk of the artistic chores with new members Rob Ross, Eric Vedder, A-Zero, & TR2 working on the book as well. Alvin's worked previously on "Taskmaster" for Marvel as well as the Marvel Mangaverse title "Avengers Assemble." Rob Ross is a veteran inker who's worked on Image titles like "Monster Fighter."

For Udon Comics' Erik Ko, he and his studio mates are excited about this assignment and are approaching it a bit differently than other projects they've done for Marvel.

"Unlike other Marvel projects that we have done, this is a continuation of an existing title," Ko told CBR News, "and we have a lot of BIG name artists to live up to (like Joe Mad! and Ed McGuinness, to name a few). And the die-hard anime cel shading style is not going to work well on this. So we have employed a new style in mixing a rich palette with nice digital FX on the art. It is a more mainstream look with a touch of our Udon flare."

The essence of each an every issue of "Deadpool" lies in the humor of the title so the artists approach to the art becomes that much more important, capturing not only the drama of the scene, but also the comedy.

"Alvin is best in capturing the body movement and we are going to use a lot of that to convey the humor in Deadpool," said Ko. "Also you will see a lot of details in the background to define the environment that he is in, so the readers can have a better grasp at what Deadpool is going thru.

"With Gail on the writing end, this book is going to take the readers on a roller coaster of action and gags non-stop! And we are doing out best to keep up with all the craziness in the story! You will see the most unexpected guest starts (like Rhino) popping up, and we have A LOT OF FUN drawing these characters! The supporting cast are also amazing! Hint: Check out the first appearance of Sandi, DP's lovely secretary, in Taskmaster!"

Those wishing to check out the all new Deadpool may do so Wednesday, March 27th.

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