Taking a look at 'Deadline'

Back in January we told you about a new mini-series coming from Marvel this April called "Deadline." A story told through the eyes of a Daily Bugle Report living in a city dominated by super-heroes, the series is written by Marvel's Marketing Communications Manager Bill Rosemann with art provided by Guy Davis, well know for his run on DC/Vertigo's "Sandman Mystery Theatre."

Tuesday Rosemann provided the comics press with a unique look at this new series by distributing the script to the first four pages of the series along with unlettered artwork. The pages are colored by Dave Stewart. We provide the script to you below in its entirety. "Deadline #1" goes on sale April 3rd.

chasing a killer story can be hazardous to your health

(Note: Throughout the series, Kat will narrate our story in captionscontaining her inner thoughts. In this way she can talk directly to thereader.)


* Tight shot of a hand gripping a pen and writing notes on a notepad.

caption: I hate Capes.

* Tight shot of a nozzle shooting out thick white sludge. (This is aS.H.I.E.L.D. anti-flame dispenser, which we'll reveal on the next page.)

Kat (off panel): All right, Johnny, who were you with last night: Britney?Christina? Eminem?

* Tight shot of police lights on the top of a cop car flashing.

Johnny Storm (off panel): Britney or-- what the hell kind of question isthat, Farrell?

caption: Think this city is their playground. And who has to make sense oftheir broken toys? Me, that's who.

* Tight shot of a cluster of microphones from various TV stations.

caption: Did I graduate from Notre Dame with a degree in journalism to chasearound men -- make that boys -- in tights? No, I did not.

caption: And is that what the "rookie chick" has been stuck with for thelast two years? Yes, it is.


* Pull back a bit to reveal JOHNNY STORM, THE HUMAN TORCH (who resembles aclean cut Brad Pitt -- a real boy toy heart breaker), who is both surprisedand pissed off. Johnny is wearing a cool blue jacket over his tight, blue FFjumpsuit. KATHERINE FARRELL, a.k.a. "KAT" (think a young, short-hairedWinnona Ryder -- but with dark scarlet hair -- a fit body, not big boobed,but trim and in shape -- cute in an elfish way) is wearing Tina Fey-typeglasses and a pink furry jacket. In one hand she holds a pen. In her otherhand she holds a small notebook, which has its cover and a few pages flippedover.

Kat: Come on, Storm, you were seen parking one of the FF's flying hotrods onthe roof of the Baxter Building late last night... no, make that early thismorning...

Kat: ...with a blonde in one hand and a bottle in the other. So who wereyou--

* JOHNNY now sticks his finger in KAT's face.

Johnny: Listen, Kat. Who I see -- which is none of your business -- and whatI do in my off time -- which isn't drinking...

Johnny: ...all of that has nothing to do with the emergencies that theFantastic Four responds to.

caption: Think they're not accountable for their actions because they're,what, bitten by radioactive monkeys? Gimme a break.

Johnny: And if you print second-hand stories of what people thought theysaw, I'll shut you out, you got that?

* KAT now responds to JOHNNY's finger by pointing her notebook back in hisface.

Kat: Are you saying that tripping in at two in the morning after throwing afew back at the Jet Bar doesn't have anything to do with your performancethis morning?



Johnny: My performance?!

Pull back to reveal a crisp, gray October morning in New York City. We arelooking down, in a nice sweeping aerial shot, at the entire southern tip ofUnion Square Park. The entire bottom half of the park (including the cementpathways, the wood-chipped dog walk, the grass, the large George Washingtonstatue) has been scorched black. Small fires crackle at the blast radius'edges. Charred trees smoke and spark.

S.H.I.E.L.D. AGENTS in bulky anti-contamination suits (complete with fullhoods with clear plastic face covers) hose down the fires with portable"flame-thrower" looking guns which spit out thick white sludge. Other Agentsexamine the burns with Geiger-counter-like instruments while others placesamples of the scorched material in small plastic bags.

At the bottom of the park, standing near a pack of police cars and TV newsvans, we see a group of reporters (both for TV and newspapers) being heldback by THE N.Y.P.D.

KAT has managed to attract the attention of the person who caused all ofthis damage, one JOHNNY STORM. Due to the nature of our high aerial shot, wecan't see them with great detail, but can see them due to Kat's pink jacketand Johnny's blue costume.


* Pull back in to show KAT and JOHNNY in their heated discussion. But here'swhat Kat can't see: Johnny is slyly, using just the tip of his "flamed on"finger tip, lighting the flipped over pages of Kat's notebook on fire! Shecan't see this because it's below her field of vision and because she'sconcentrating on Johnny's face.

caption: I mean, seriously, if two Joe Six-packs go at it, they're bustedfor assault and disturbing the peace.

Kat: Your performance. As in wasting this park. This public park. Thispublic park that's going to take thousands of dollars -- of taxpayer dollars-- to fix.

caption: Pretty Boy Storm here burns down an entire city park and the mayorkisses his yoga'ed butt.

Johnny: It's called stopping the bad guys, Kat.

* JOHNNY, who is now walking away off towards the S.H.I.E.L.D. AGENTS,dismisses Kat her with a wave of his hand. Kat's notebook is now smoking.

Kat: Come on, Johnny, Daily Bugle readers want to know...

Kat: ...was the Human Torch hungover this morning?

Johnny: One word, Kat. I read one word about this and you're out. As in, notin.

Johnny: No press conferences. No interviews. Nada.

Johnny: Guys, you missed one back there.

* A S.H.I.E.L.D. AGENT hoses down KAT with the white sludge.

* Pull back to show KAT standing there, her pink furry coat now drippingwet, covered in sludge and totally defeated.

caption: So let's review my morning, shall we?

caption: A wake-up call from my screaming editor; no time for coffee orHoward Stern; and me covered in flame-retardant mayonnaise.

caption: Told you I hate Capes.

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