Taking a fine look at Sean Murphy's original art for Punk Rock Jesus

Like the sound of a gasoline-chugging motorcycle drawing through a sleepy New England hamlet, Sean Murphy has steadily risen up the ladder from small independent comics to critical acclaim with works like Joe the Barbarian and American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest. And with the debut of his creator-owned series Punk Rock Jesus earlier this month, it seems like Murphy is aiming to make a statement.

This Brooklyn-based artist has become well known for his sinewy and striking artwork, and is one f the few remaining artists in comics whose finished work (sans lettering) is done entirely by hand. With the black-and-white publication of Punk Rock Jesus, Murphy's entire story is done by hand with pencil and brush on his drawing board. That makes the debut of his original art online even more special and attention-getting, even if you don't have the wallet to afford the pages. Murphy just released the original artwork from the first issue of Punk Rock Jesus for sale at his art dealer Essential Sequential.

I can't be the only one who'll look on this showcase as a chance to pour over Murphy's pages here and over at his DeviantArt site, to really see the intricacies and honest-to-god ink put on these pages. Take a minute -- or 10 -- and sink in and blow these pages up hi-rez on your computer screen while we wait for issue 2 to come out on August 8.

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