Take Over Gotham in This 3D-Printed Arkham Knight Mask

The identity of the titular villain consumed the Caped Crusader, and players, in "Batman: Arkham Knight," the hit 2015 video game from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Rocksteady Studios (spoiler: It was Jason Todd). Now you can contribute to the mayhem in Gotham City while remaining mysterious, with the help of 3D printing.

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User burt_117 has uploaded files to Thingiverse that enable users to 3D-print their own Arkham Knight mask, remixed from a previous design originally uploaded by another user. Project Props followed up with instructions for how to smooth and finish the PLA 3D-printed mask, so that fans can take their cosplay to the next level.

To complete your "Arkham Knight" recreation, you could also check out Team Galag's Batmobile 2.0, a Lamborghini Gallardo based on the vehicle from "Arkham Knight." Maybe they'll give you a ride?

Set a year after the events of 2011's "Batman: Arkham City," the game centers on the efforts of Scarecrow and the mysterious Arkham Knight to unite Batman's greatest foes against him. Despite technical problems that led Warner Bros. to suspend sales of the PC version within a day of its launch, "Arkham Knight" became the fastest-selling game of 2015 and of the "Arkham" franchise.

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