Take an Advance Look at New Battleworld for Marvel's "Secret Wars"

Marvel revealed the creation of the "Secret Wars" Battleworld in November, following up on the mysterious event teasers released throughout October, but details on how exactly the new Battleworld was set up were still a mystery. The publisher has shed a little more light on the mysterious new Battleworld and how it ties into the many worlds of Marvel events by releasing a full Battleworld map, containing references to a number of concepts across the Marvel Multiverse, and presenting a better idea of which Battleworld "nations" have the highest chance of interacting.

References on the new Battleworld map include the Domain of Apocalypse ("Age of Apocalypse"), King James' England ("Marvel 1602"), Marville ("Marville"), 2099, The Monarchy of M ("House of M") and -- of course -- Manhattan, which contains the Marvel Universe, the Ultimate Universe, Attilan and Monster Metropolis. There are 41 different references on the Battleworld map, but three are classified.

Check out the full Battleworld map below.

"Secret Wars" #1 hits stores May 2015.

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