Take A Spin Though Every Marvel Hip-Hop Variant Cover

While month-long variant cover themes are part of comics current stock-in-trade, Marvel's upcoming run of hip-hop album cover homages has been one of the most debated series of images in a long while.

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso described the thought behind the month in a recent Axel-in-Charge interview, saying, "This variant program is an opportunity to show not only my love for hip-hop culture, but also the love of so many in Marvel's freelance community. Hip-hop inspires a lot of us. It is the musical score for a lot of our lives. This comes from a place of love."

Since then, the initiative has drawn a near equal number of praising notices from hip-hop artists and criticisms for purportedly lacking diversity form comics industry watchers. But so far, not all the covers and their artists have been drawn together in one place.

Below, CBR assembles the full to date slate of hip-hop variants. Check them out and sound off on the CBR Forums as to how well the House of Ideas is doing to bring comics and hip-hop closer together.

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