Take a sneak peek at Monkeybrain's January titles

Monkeybrain Comics has provided ROBOT 6 with sneak peeks at its January titles: Anti-Hero #6, The Army of Dr. Moreau #3, Bandette #6, Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective #1, D4VE #2, Edison Rex #13, Red Light Properties #7: Golden Palms Part I, Strange Nation #4 and Theremin #4.

All titles will be available for purchase from comiXology.com.

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Anti-Hero #6Writer: Jay FaerberArt: Nate StockmanColorist: Paul LittleLetterer: Charles PritchettPrice: $.99Pages: 14Rating: 12+Henry attempts to use truth serum to get leverage against Callum.Available 1-22-2014

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The Army of Dr. Moreau #3Writer: David F. WalkerArt: Carl SciacchitanoColorist: Sara MachajewskiPrice: $.99Pages: 21Rating: 15+Violence explodes as Metzger and his Nazis search for the Beast-Folk that inhabit the island, but it is just the prelude to a much bigger war that looms ahead. Meanwhile, Zeller discovers the true nature of evil as he and the others make a shocking discovery.Available: 1-15-14

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Bandette #6Writer: Paul TobinArt: Colleen CooverPrice: $.99Pages: 21Rating: 12+The adventure continues! The daredevil damsel Bandette and her rival in larceny, Monsieur, embark upon their race to divest the criminal cartel FINIS of its most valuable treasures! Meanwhile, the doggedly diligent Inspector B.D. Belgique of the Special Police continues to investigate that malignant organization's many misdeeds! But, irritated though he is by our heroes' efforts, Absinthe, leader of FINIS, is prepared to strike back! A dark new evil has been unleashed on the world! He is known as... 13!Available: 1-08-14

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Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective #1Writer: Matt D. WilsonArt: Kevin WarrenLetterer: Dylan ToddPrice: $.99Pages: 17Rating: 15+Available: 1-29-14

Deep in debt, and with collectors breathing down his stainless steel neck, Copernicus takes on what seems like a simple case that promises a huge payday. Turns out it's not so simple. Figures.

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D4VE #2Writer: Ryan FerrierArt: Valentin RamonPrice: $.99Pages: 23Rating: 17+Invasion! D4VE's crisis spirals out of control when his home life and his day job take some unexpected turns, but a new presence on the planet ignites his long-lost spark. D4VE also faces his greatest challenge yet: fatherhood.Available: 1-08-14

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Edison Rex #13Writer: Chris RobersonArt: Dennis CulverColorist: Stephen DownerLetterer: John J. HillPrice: $.99Pages: 19Rating: 12+The fierce alien warrior M'Alizz has been Edison Rex's bodyguard and constant companion for years. But how did this unlikely pair first meet? Why did she choose to dedicate her life to protecting his? And what secret has Edison been keeping from her all this time...?Available: 1-22-14

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Red Light Properties #7: Golden Palms Part IWriter/Art: Dan GoldmanPrice: $2.99Pages: 38Rating: 17+The day of Red Light Properties' "test" by their possible future business partners has arrived. Jude and team is tasked to enter the Golden Palms assisted living facility and clear out the spirit of a frightened old woman... but what they find when they arrive is nothing they could have prepared themselves for.Available: 1-15-14

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Strange Nation #4Writer/Letterer: Paul AllorArt/Colorist: Juan RomeraPrice: $.99Pages: 43Rating: 15+Sasquatch Civil War! Alien Invasion! Massive Amounts of Exposition! Norma discovers the startling truth about the Duma Corporation's plans, and Jesse mounts a rescue mission in the tiny town of Sydsville.Available: 1-15-14

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Theremin #4Writer: Curt PiresArt: Dalton RosePrice: $.99Pages: 15Rating: 17+Eventually every creation myth becomes a resurrection narrative.Available: 1-29-14

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