Take a pounding this Wednesday with Wood and Rolston's 'Pounded'

Warning: Adult content in the following story.

It's not unusual to find CBR running a preview of an upcoming comic, but it is pretty unusual for CBR to run a preview of an upcoming CD. The name of the site is Comic Book Resources, after all. But when the CD in question is the soundtrack to a comic book, worlds collide and a cross-over of genres takes place without the usual destruction of universes found in most comic cross-overs.

This Wednesday sees the release of the second issue of the Oni Press Comic "Pounded," by Brian Wood and Steve Rolston. Oni Press has provided CBR with a preview of the first four pages of this book. Click the images below to take a look.

Here's how Oni describes the book:

Missy and Heavy were in love. Things were perfect. Heavy led the Vancouverpunk rock scene with Missy at his side. They were practically royalty. Butthat was before. Before she went away to college and before Heavy cheated onher with another girl. Now Missy's back in town and while Heavy has brokenhearts before, Missy isn't quite the same girl she used to be -- and sheisn't alone either! It's more black humor, bloodstains, and broken heartscourtesy of Brian Wood ("Channel Zero," "Couscous Express") and Steve Rolston("Queen & Country")!

In addition to the comic the official soundtrack to this three-issue series, titled "Pounded: The Official Comic Book Soundtrack," also hits stores this Wednesday and we're happy to bring you clips from five of the songs on this CD. The full track list can be found below and click the links to the right of the clips to listen. You'll need the Windows Media Player to listen.

  1. Bigwig - "Moosh" (56k / DSL/Cable)
  2. The Bouncing Souls - "That Song" (56k / DSL/Cable)
  3. Ann Beretta - "Built to Last"
  4. Amazing Transparent Man - "Does Your Face Hurt?" (56k / DSL/Cable)
  5. Big in Japan - "New Dead Boyfriend"
  6. Mr. T Experience - "New Girlfriend" (56k / DSL/Cable)
  7. Mid Carson July - "The Way of My World"
  8. Sloppy Meat Eaters - "Playing the Game"
  9. King Monkey - "Kissin' the Bottle"
  10. Pain - "Bottle Rocket War"
  11. Squirtgun - "Chemical Attraction"
  12. The Teen Idols - "Shadow Man"
  13. Rise Against - "Six Ways 'Til Sunday"
  14. Strike Anywhere - "Riot of Words"
  15. Fury 66 - "Self Will"
  16. The Eyeliners - "Finished with You" (56k / DSL/Cable)

Check your favorite comic book store for both "Pounded #2" and "Pounded: The Official Comic Book Soundtrack" this Wednesday.

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