Take a look inside Top Shelf's <i>Moving Pictures</i> collection, due in May 2010

You might have read somewhere that Moving Pictures, a webcomic created by Stuart and Kathryn Immonen, is slated to for collection by Top Shelf. The book is due next May, and Top Shelf was kind enough to pass on a preview for our big anniversary. You can check out the solicitation text and several pages from the collection after the jump.

MOVING PICTURESby Kathryn & Stuart Immonen-- $14.95, 144-Pg Graphic Novel w/French Flaps, Young Adult, ISBN 978-1-60309-049-0-- SHIPPING MAY 2010!Top Shelf is proud to welcome Kathryn & Stuart Immonen (Ultimate Spider-Man, Nextwave, Patsy Walker: Hellcat, Never as Bad as You Think) to the Top Shelf family with this very intimate story, set in World War II while the Nazis were pillaging much of Europe's great art collections. Moving Pictures is the story of the awkward and dangerous relationship between curator Ila Gardner and officer Rolf Hauptmann, as they are forced by circumstances to play out their private lives in a public power struggle. The narrative unfolds along two timelines which collide with the revelation of a terrible secret, an enigmatic decision that not many would make, and the realization that sometimes the only choice left is the refusal to choose. … In a recent interview at comicbookresources.com, Kathryn explained that "The history is just a backdrop to tell a messed-up love story that's about how we assign value to things and people, how we behave when not everyone isplaying by the same rules" and "in the end, maybe it's all about the fundamentally perverse nature of desire, about not being to help wanting what you want even if you don't know why. And how, from the outside, we really don't know anything about someone else's intimacies."

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