Take a Look at Nic Cage in Costume and in Motion from "Superman Lives'"

Most fans know the legend of "Superman Lives," the failed Tim Burton Superman film with Nicolas Cage in the title role. We've heard the stories. We've seen still images. Now, courtesy of the LA Times, we get to see Cage himself suited up and dong some stretching and posing in an clip from the upcoming documentary "The Death of 'Superman Lives:' What Happened?"

Created by director Jon Schnepp in hopes of uncovering the true story behind the project, the documentary features behind-the-scenes footage from the film as well as interviews with countless people involved, including director Tim Burton, screenwriter Kevin Smith, costume designer Colleen Atwood and the director's assistant Derek Frey, the latter two of whom appear in the clip.

Along with Cage in costume -- and sporting long, wavy, luxurious locks -- the clip sees Atwood and Frey discussing the Superman suit, which they say would have gone through a transformation throughout the course of the film. In fact, in the footage, we see Cage in a somewhat darker (but still shinier) version of the suit. The infamous light-up suit -- or rather bio-suit as called in the clip -- seen previously in images and shown in concept art would have only appeared briefly early on in the film.

"The Death of 'Superman Lives': What Happened?" will be available on DVD, Blu-ray and video on demand on July 9 and at Booth #3915 at San Diego Comic-Con.

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