Take a look at DC Collectibles' Jae Lee action figure line

Jae Lee's work on Superman/Batman has simultaneously been among the most unique and divisive of DC Comics' New 52. After years working on Marvel's adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower, Lee's return to superhero work has found a balance between iconic and creepy; while his style might seem tailor-made for the likes of Batman and Catwoman, his depiction of Superman has been both haunting and boyish in all the various main- and alternate-universe incarnations.

And now, DC is using those designs as the basis for a line of collectible figures.

DC All-Access provides a look at  7-inch scale figures, part of the company's Designer Series, set for release next summer. Hosted by DC's Vice President of Creative Services Kevin Kiniry, the video goes into detail about each of the four figures: Superman, Batman, Catwoman and Wonder Woman.

Seeing Lee's work translated into three dimensions is somewhat surprising, given his relatively flat illustration style, compared to the more rounded work of Greg Capullo and his recent figures. It's interesting to note that the description for this video states they're the "first" figures to be announced, suggesting more may lie in our future.

(top image courtesy of Action Figure Insider)

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