Take a look at Bill Sienkiewicz's variant cover for 'Elektra' #1

Art dealer Sal Abbinanti has debuted Bill Sienkiewicz's stunning variant cover for Elektra #1, which arrives in April as part of Marvel's All-New Marvel NOW! initiative. The issue also boasts covers by Michael Del Mundo, Milo Manara, Paolo Rivera and Skottie Young.

Sienkiewicz of course has a long history with the character, having collaborated with her creator Frank Miller on the 1986 Epic Comics miniseries Elektra: Assassin. He also provided covers for a few issues of her 2001-2004 Marvel Knights series, as well as for the 2005 miniseries Elektra: The Hand.

Written by W. Haden Blackman and illustrated by Del Mundo, the new series aims to take the world's deadliest assassin out of her comfort zone, and introduce both a rogues gallery and a supporting cast.

"I really wanted to try and build her own supporting cast, and one of the central themes of the first issue is Elektra coming to terms with the fact that she's been defined by other people her whole life," Blackman told Comic Book Resources last month. "Now it's her opportunity to define who she is, on her own terms. I really want to take her in a new direction and explore who she is by -- and I think we say this in the press release -- pushing her into the far corners of the Marvel Universe and putting her in situations that are unexpected for her as a character, that maybe she hasn't been in before."

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