Take a gander at Chris Schweizer's October monster drawings

For this month, Chris Schweizer, creator of Crogan Adventures and the upcoming all-ages graphic novel series The Creeps, is entertaining fans as well as himself with October Monster Drawings, which he is sharing on his myriad social media platforms, including Tumblr.

Noticing he'd reached his 17th piece the other day, I reached out to Schweizer to see whether we could share some of them here, and also get his perspective on what prompted him to do them in the first place. While he happily gave ROBOT 6 his approval to run a few, I heartily recommend you go check out the originals -- and the entertaining text he provides with several pieces.

Here's what he had to say about the Monster Drawings:

I love drawing scary stuff.  Generally speaking, I'm usually doing historical or adventure genre subjects, but when Halloween comes around I can't help but get swept up into it.  Most any time that I draw a monster, I feel like it needs a story, a philosophy behind it.  Like the Grunch.  It's usually depicted as a goat with fangs or as a chupacabra ripoff.  I like trying to piece together the existing narratives to come up with a narratively viable, visually arresting design.

I started drawing these no-background figures to make them into little paper standups, two-dimensional toys, I guess.  But after I'd done, I don't know, about 500 of them I stopped having room.  So I don't print them and cut them out anymore, but I've acclimated myself to working in this scale, in this format.

I rarely do stand-alone illustrations - if I'm including movement or environments it's almost always on a comics page - and so I feel like whatever drawings that I do need to have the sense that they're designed for something beyond just the drawing.  That the design suggests a story, or stories that could be told with the characters.

It's just hobby stuff.  I expect that it affects my work, especially doing The Creeps, but really, it's just a chance for me to have fun and go a little wild on Halloween.

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