Taggers vs. Bikers vs. the 1% in <I>Monster Myths</I>

Graffiti. Gangs. Gentrification. An unlikely group, but the recently announced Monster Myths OGN from Com.X is an unlikely book.

Like some sort of urban Tale of Two Cities, this book shows an enterprising group of graffiti taggers trying to instigate a war between their fellow working-class residents and the greedy, corporate land barons eager to turn their disheveled homes into dollar signs. At the center of it is a convict named Alfredo, who is trying to find a way to make a life for himself and ends up being the face of a working-class revolution.

Monster Myths' creator John Lupo Avanti is barreling into the world of comics on a unique trajectory. Hailing from the world of animation, Avanti has reoriented to doing freelance illustration from fine arts to murals, tattoos and, as you guessed, comics.

Avanti's Monster Myths is the latest in a line of books the British publishing house Com.X. has brought forth into the world. Although it struggled with growing pains in its first years, Com.X re-emerged in the past two years as a more regimented and mature outlet for unique voices in comics.

Monster Myths is scheduled for a June 2012 release, and is currently available for pre-order in the current issue of Diamond's Previews catalog.

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