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Jeremy Love Talks "Bayou" Trade Paperback

Zuda Comics makes its first jump to print in May with the release of a trade paperback edition of the first four chapters of Jeremy Love's acclaimed "Bayou." CBR News spoke with the writer-artist about the project.

NYCC: Zuda Online

During the NYCC Zuda Comics panel, DC's online imprint shared with their audience insider stories and various plans for 2009 with the help of its assembled creative roster, "flaming" text, an impromptu sketch and their mate from down under.

Loads of news this week, including news of multiple endings for the "Watchmen" feature film, one Manhunter is out while another returns, who would have worked on "Dan Dare" had Virgin not gone under and more.

It's a big one this week, as Rich has early word on who the next Doctor Who may be, big developments with Zuda Comics properties, more "Top Ten" in the works, the Swipe File and much more in LYING IN THE GUTTERS.


Nicholas Doan and Daniele Serra, creators of the fan-favorite Zuda Comics title "Pray For Death," join CBR to discuss in-depth their horrific drama about a serial killer-chasing cop who may be out of her league.

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