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ADVANCE PREVIEW: "New Mutants" #15

Marvel Comics has released an advance preview of "New Mutants" #15, the first chapter of "Fall of the New Mutants" by Zeb Wells and Leonard Kirk, rolling out of the events of "Second Coming" on July 21.


The writer of Marvel's "New Mutants" answers your questions about mutant powers, whispered secrets and more, all while sharing little-known facts about dying. Plus exclusive art from issue #12, a "Second Coming" tie-in!

Leonard Kirk Takes On "New Mutants"

After Marvel's incoming "Second Coming" event delivers its promised status quo changes, the heroes of mutantdom's well-known revival welcome the "Dark X-Men" penciler on for a new arc full of old friends and new surprises.


This week, the writer of "New Mutants," Zeb Wells, stopped by X-POSITION headquarters just to answer your questions about magical mutants, team shake-ups, and dating dry spells. Plus exclusive art from "New Mutants" #10!


The "New Mutants" scribe drops by CBR to answer all of your questions about guest stars, mutant abilities, an inevitable confrontation, Necrosha and more. Plus, an exclusive look at art from issue #6!


The writer of "New Mutants," Zeb Wells spills some goodies about upcoming fun in the new Marvel title. Plus your questions and exclusive art in this all-new X-POSITION.

NYCC: A New Start For "New Mutants"

Zeb Wells and Diogenes Neves will join creative forces to reunite the Marvel Universe's original teenage mutant team, now all grown up and itching for action in this May's new "New Mutants" title.

Creating History with the President-Elect

CBR News checked in with writer Zeb Wells and artist Todd Nauck about the instant sell-out "Amazing Spider-Man" #583, blessed with Barack Obama on the cover, from a signing at Alakazam Comics in Irvine, CA.Updated

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