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Marvel Welcomes You to "Carnage USA"

Marvel has announced "Carnage USA," a new series starring the most maniacal Spider-Man villain of all time by the team of Zeb Wells and Clayton Crain. Carnage wreaks havoc across the Marvel Universe in December!


Zeb Wells joins X-POSITION for a final Q&A before wrapping up his fan-favorite run on "New Mutants" and he was sure to bring lots of goodies with his fans. All this, plus exclusive art!


Zeb Wells, the writer of Marvel's "New Mutants," drops by CBR's X-POSITION secret headquarters to answer fan questions and leaves a bombshell in his wake with a shocking announcement! All this plus: exclusive art!


Marvel has released an advance look at "Carnage" #1 by writer Zeb Wells and artist Clayton Crain with covers by Crain, Arthur Adams and Patrick Zircher. Carnage returns to terrorize the Marvel U on October 20.

X-POSITION: Zeb Wells-ish

In this week's returning X-POSITION, Zeb Wells unknowingly hires a ghost writer to answer all your questions about "New Mutants" - seriously - as well as share some exclusive art from next week's issue!

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