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Whedon's Back with "Terminator: 1984"

The final chapter of Zack Whedon & Andy MacDonald's "Terminator: 2029" is in stores now, and Dark Horse has revealed that in September the duo will launch a sequel set in Sarah Connor's era - "Terminator: 1984."

Whedon's "Horrible" Collection

We spoke to Zack Whedon about Dark Horse's new "Dr. Horrible" collection, featuring a new 16-page story, and gave a few hints as to where things stand with the musical sequel. Plus, an exclusive look at the TPB's cover.

Whedon Tells "The Shepherd's Tale"

CBR continues its discussions with "Serenity's" new crew, as we spoke with writer Zack Whedon about the upcoming Dark Horse graphic novel that will lay bare the truth about the mysterious Shepherd Book.


Zack Whedon, known to most comic book fans as the writer of "Dr. Horrible" comics and web-film, spoke with CBR News about his upcoming three-issue "Terminator" miniseries at Dark Horse, debuting in March.


"The Terminator" returns to Dark Horse in March in a new post-apocalyptic adventure from writer Zack Whedon and artist Andy MacDonald. MacDonald spoke with CBR about the robotic killing machines.

FIRST LOOK: "Terminator" #1

Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, CBR presents an exclusive first look at the Massimo Carnevale illustrated cover for the recently announced Zach Whedon written "Terminator" series.