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Cover of the Week: September 25

This week, Em wrestles with a ghostly creature, mouse musicians play for otherworldly dancers, the Rat Queens face a dragon, "The Unwritten" pays a visit to Candy Land and "Sex Criminals" goes minimalist.

Cover of the Week: August 28

This week sees an "Astonishing" band flier, a new I.D. for "Collider," an underwater attack in three parts, a devil in the Art Deco details and the face of Darkseid

Cover of the Week - April 24

Swamp Thing turns to house-sitting, Tom Taylor goes straight to Hades, Darla Deering faces The Thing (and The Thing, and The Thing...), Marvel's first family gets lost in time and space and Deadpool screams for ice cream.

Cover of the Week - February 27

This week, Damian Wayne rests in peace, Clint Barton's bad Penny shows up, Richie Savoy takes center stage, Legion gets the first (and the last) word and "Seven Percent" springs a surprise.

Cover of the Week - December 19

This week, Reptil goes all "Lord of the Flies," Alana gets lost in a book, Wonder Woman gets personal with Orion, Moloch gets mystical and Tom Taylor goes to Hades.

Covers of the Week -- May 23

This week, the Scarecrow is on the mend, the Dynamic Duo is in the crosshairs, Mister X is on the case, Loki is leading the charge, and Tom Taylor is ... on his back.

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