yildiray cinar

Cinar Journeys To "Earth 2" in December

DC has announced "Teen Titans" artist Yildiray Cinar will fill in for Nicola Scott on James Robinson's "Earth 2" starting in December with issue #7. Plus, a first look at Cinar's cover for "Earth 2" #8.

Long Live Levitz's "Legion!"

Legendary "Legion of Super-Heroes" writer Paul Levitz returns to the DC Comics title after a twenty year-long hiatus and is joined for the relaunch by up-and-coming artist Yildiray Cinar. CBR News has the details.

COMMENTARY TRACK: "Noble Causes" #33

With "Noble Causes" #33 on sale now, creator Jay Faerber joins CBR for an in- depth commentary of the issue, which sees the popular Image superhero title change direction and give new readers a place to jump on.

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