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Covers of the Week -- March 7

This week, the Green goes art nouveau, the War on Drugs goes psychedelic, Miles Morales goes to Aunt May and Gwen Stacy, "Fatale" goes for its gun and the title of "Fairest" cover goes to...

Snyder Turns Humans To Horror In "Swamp Thing"

Speaking with CBR News on his revamp of the reclaimed Vertigo hero, writer Scott Snyder delves into "Swamp Thing's" humanity for both an old school adventure and a horror series as he prepares for the "Animal Man" crossover "Dead World."

Snyder Dredges Up A Human "Swamp Thing"

From the murkier corners of DC's New 52, Scott Snyder digs into the history of Alec Holland and describes how the horrifying and the human will play into his "Swamp Thing" series with EXCLUSIVE art from Yanick Paquette.

In preparing to talk about Robert Kirkman's fascinating X-Men comics, Tim reflects on the way the Ultimate universe diverged from its original intent and how it has influenced mainstream Marvel comics today.

Morrison Goes Corporate in "Batman, Inc."

Grant Morrison spoke with CBR News, revealing that by the end of the first year of "Batman Incorporated" readers will find out why the agents Bruce Wayne is recruiting in these very specific locations are so important.


The next chapter in Grant Morrison's Batman mega-epic starts here as artist Yanick Paquette helps take the Dark Knight on a brand-building, globe-trotting mission full of new heroes, new villains and old flames.

DC E-i-C Harras On Batman's New Normal

With the line-shifting game changer hitting the Dark Knight in today's "Batman & Robin" #16, DC Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras swings by to explain how Bruce Wayne's return will affect not just his life but the entire world of Gotham City.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Grant Morrison, Part II

In part two of our epic interview, Grant Morrison opens up about the BatFranchise changes under his stewardship and where it goes next from "Batman, Inc." to his future with Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne and more.

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