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10 Comics Ready for Prime Time

With the success of AMC's adaptation of "The Walking Dead," it's likely more non-superhero series will make their way to the small screen. CBR's staff came up with a list of ten titles that deserve that treatment.

Y The Last Man Movie Not Dead

It's been very quiet on the Y: The Last Man movie front lately, leading some to wonder whether the big screen adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan's post gender apocalypse movie had become extinct itself. Not so, says the man who hopes to make it.

CBR's Decade In Review: 2000 - 2002

CBR's reporters take a look back at the decade and realize all the amazing things that happened over the last decade, starting today with 2000 through 2002, including "Ultimate Spider-Man," Free Comic Book Day" and more!

In this week's column, our newly minted and sleep-deprived dad, Augie, looks back at his first comic shop, his weekly purchase list from nine years ago, and the top 10 new collected editions that were released last week.

Pia Guerra talks "Doctor Who: The Forgotten"

Artist Pia Guerra moves from the last man to the last Timelord this week in IDW's "Doctor Who: The Forgotten" #1. CBR News speaks with the artist about her work on "Y: The Last Man," and why she's such a huge fan of the Doctor.

CBR TV @ CCI 2008: Pia Guerra

"Y: The Last Man" and "Doctor Who" artist Pia Guerra stopped by the CBR Yacht during Comic-Con International to discuss both series, what's next for the acclaimed artist and how she found a moment for some quality time at the San Diego Zoo.

CCI: Spotlight on J.G. Jones

The acclaimed illustrator of "Final Crisis" and countless covers for Vertigo, Marvel and others, J.G. Jones, walks down memory lane with fans at Comic-Con International, revealing tips, tricks and secrets along the way.

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